Healthcare Staffing Candidates

We are industry specialists. And we know that you have a unique and exceptional background, skills and goals! We will identify the optimum career opportunity and plan of action specific just for you !!

Level-Up Your Healthcare Career, Be Acknowledged For The Work That You Do, And Be The Catalyst For High-Quality Patient Care!

Love to care for people and change lives? So do we!! Exceptional Registered Nurses and Physicians are the cornerstone of today’s society because YOU are the ones who help keep us alive. Our way of giving back to you, is by helping you find joy in using your gift, and comfort in the place that you’re using it. It Is Your Passion And Creativity And Commitment To High Quality Patient-Centered Care And Medical Outcomes That Companies All Over The The World Partner With Us To Find Great Professionals Like YOU!

You will be connected with some of the best outpatient clinics, long-term-care nursing homes and home health agencies. According to our nurses…” There Are Constantly New, Interesting Healthcare Problems To Work On, The People Are Top-Notch, And A Solid Paycheck Is In The Picture Too”.

A Job Search Process Designed Just For You !!

We place registered nurses (RNs) of various specialties and Physicians in contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire roles in amazing healthcare institutions. We also offer locum positions for candidates seeking greater working flexibility. Our Recruitment Process Is Relationship And Service Driven. We Take Time To Gain A Detailed Understanding Of Your Needs And We Ensure The Best Possible Match To Institutions Where You Will Thrive And Shine !!

You Will Earn Top-Dollar With Us Because You Are Exceptional….. And Your Job Satisfaction, Motivation And Professional Growth Is Our Top Priority.

The Choices You Make For Your Career Today, Will Define Where You Will Be Tomorrow. That’s why we’re here to strategically place you in positions that compliment your career path allowing you to take full control over your career, with a partner who really cares.

Is it time for a role change? Salary increase? Or, promotion? We’re Here To Help You Level Up Your Career.

You Have Exceptional Abilities, So We Want To Ensure You Have Enriching And Challenging Experiences Working With Us.

As a RN or physician, you will potentially lead projects and make a difference. You may build your leadership skills beyond your core specialist skills, leading top-rated facilities to enhance their capabilities in service delivery, systems and processes so that bottom line results are delivered.

These Are The Potential Enriching Work Opportunities That We Make Available To Our RNs And Physicians. With Qualital Solutions, you may draw on your nursing experience to lead clients through operation improvements such as case management operations, scheduling, customer experience. Beyond Your Professional Expertise, You Will Have The Ability To Develop As A Leader And Coach Delivering Lasting Medical Outcomes And Changing The World !

The Services We Offer

Contract Staffing Services

The “band-aid of hiring”. Contract Staffing is a great solution for you when you find yourself lacking in permanent staff due to an employee being on vacation, retiring, maternity leave, someone quitting, or maybe you’re simply understaffed.

Contract To Hire Services

Sometimes it does not make sense to hire someone right from the start. It just doesn’t make sense right? Well, with our Contract-to-Hire services, we allow you the ability to have someone on staff (and soon) for a specific period of time so that you can check them out.

Direct Hire Search Services

When you need a pipeline of top talent to employ, the direct hire search is always the way to go. Finding talent that will impact the direction of your company is essential in today’s market to stay competitive. Being able to have a partner that understands what your goals are.

Consulting & Training

Often, when you are concerned about effectively executing a turn-key initiative or opportunity without disrupting your main business operations, you seek a credible partner with the expertise, gravitas and industry network and experience that has consistently delivered to promise.