Healthcare Quality Management

How We Help Support Your Healthcare Quality Management

If you’re determined to begin to use Patient Satisfaction, especially how care is delivered, as a differentiator in the healthcare market, QualiTal Solutions Healthcare Management will partner with you to redesign care around patient leading to improved Patient Engagement, Medical Outcomes, Patient Satisfaction and ultimately Economic Benefits to your healthcare business.


The Quality-Of-Care Assessment from the perspective of right culture, right people, right processes, and right tools. This assessment is conducted by a team of leading healthcare industry experts on quality and it is concluded within 2-4 weeks. An assessment report (which includes recommendation, Quality Improvement Roadmap and Action-plan suggestions) is presented to clients.


One of the core missions of any health system is to improve the health status of its populations. To address problem in the health system in healthcare facilities, we adopt a care pathway approach that map the steps in a patient’s journey through the entire health system. Leveraging our expertise and partnership with leading institutions, we establish an organized pathway to establish optimum patient satisfaction based on patient-centered medical outcomes within clear budgetary constraints.

Working with Qualital Solutions, you have care systems in place with clearer idea of what services should be delivered at all stages of the care pathway and what medical outcomes should be achieved. You will also have a clearer idea of what is being spent at each stage, and what process, outcome metrics and best-practice interventions are applicable to each pathway stage.


Healthcare Quality Training for your caregivers in consumer-centered care, and in quality standards for your medicare and Medicaid certification: Patient-centered outpatient and long-term-care services require changes and improvements in business practices, care processes, and management structure of healthcare institutions. QualiTal Solutions has expertise to integrate the various elements of Patient-centered care into the training of all your professional caregivers. Our training programs also cover the range of benefits, risks, and resources associated with different approaches to patient-centered personal care for people with disabilities.

QualiTal Solutions provides training to improve quality of care. We train nominated professionals including Doctors, Nurses, etc. Training covers standard operating procedure, patient engagement and communication, and emotional management etc.


Growth opportunities are hard to come by without significant investment, but one major opportunity is a self-running engine for growth in healthcare: Artificial Intelligence (AI). With our partners, we will support you to leverage latest advancements in customer engagement and marketing using machine learning and other AI solutions. With our AI, you have tremendous leverage!


QualiTal Solutions provides advanced data analytics services to help our clients move beyond just recording patient data in Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. Our package use programs to take data from multiple sources to highlight trends and insights designed to boost productivity and reduce waste. You will also be able to track and report clinical quality metrics much more easily.


Qualital Healthcare Solutions adopts a more holistic approach – with emphasis on vitality and inclusion as much as care, and focused on patient’s self-rated quality of life and well-being, instead of just focus on illness. If quality of life is the goal, client experience surveys can add valuable insight on how we rate outcomes.

We assist leading healthcare facilities to conduct independent customer survey and we help our clients to determine how best to go from here to there in patient satisfaction.