About Us


QualiTal Solutions is your #1 resource for finding and engaging with top talent within the the Information Technology and Healthcare space.

Within the world of technology, we focus on matching (but not limited to) Full-Stack Developers and DevOps Manager professionals with companies who are accomplishing amazing feats all around the globe.

Within the the world of healthcare, we focus on matching Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physicians for the Long-Term Care and outpatient facilities.

We also support healthcare organizations that are looking for patient satisfaction. Our Quality Healthcare solutions is customized for you.


Our mission is to provide our clients with distinctively effective and easy to practical IT Technology and Healthcare solutions, including hiring and placement of top-talent, so that our clients beat the competition, and increase revenue and market share.


Quality solution is partner of choice for startups, mid-sized companies and industry leaders in the IT Technology and Healthcare industry – providing innovative and cutting-edge advantages and opportunities to quickly and effectively realize strategic and tactical corporate business plans through the hiring and placement of truly exceptional talents.


Our goal is to provide solutions to our clients that:

Provide cost-effective solutions that impact the bottom line in the short-term.

Are innovative and technology-driven for competitive advantage

Are proven differentiator for our clients by enabling them to achieve superior operational and strategic corporate performance through the sourcing, hiring and retention of game changer talents for their business critical positions.

Don’t leave to chance your opportunity to hire the right Healthcare or IT Professional
Let QualiTal Solutions Do The Work For You


You can win the talent war, you are probably struggling to attract and keep the best talent in your firm. We are veterans, and this is what we do. QualiTal Solutions will deploy a variety of strategies – from recruiting friendly brand to building a persuasive careers platform, so that you can start attracting top-talents today – and keep more of the great people you have invested in already.


Most healthcare organizations are concerned about effectively and affordably executing key initiatives (to deliver ‘the promised medical outcome and patient satisfaction’) in a timely manner. QualiTal Solutions provides custom solutions with a focus on execution so that business objectives of each healthcare business are met, without overstaffing or being under resourced, by leveraging our unique set of flexible staff resources. Our team members replicate their successes directly delivering patient care, and advising top management of healthcare companies, to consistently deliver patient satisfaction and impact the bottom line.


One of the core missions of any health system is to improve the health status of its populations. So the core of our Healthcare Quality management is to support you in focusing on what matters to the patient, and not “What’s the matter with the patient” !

Contract Staffing Services

The “band-aid of hiring”. Contract Staffing is a great solution for you when you find yourself lacking in permanent staff due to an employee being on vacation, retiring, maternity leave, someone quitting, or maybe you’re simply understaffed.

Contract To Hire Services

Sometimes it does not make sense to hire someone right from the start. It just doesn’t make sense right? Well, with our Contract-to-Hire services, we allow you the ability to have someone on staff (and soon) for a specific period of time so that you can check them out.

Direct Hire Search Services

When you need a pipeline of top talent to employ, the direct hire search is always the way to go. Finding talent that will impact the direction of your company is essential in today’s market to stay competitive. Being able to have a partner that understands what your goals are.

Consulting & Training

Often, when you are concerned about effectively executing a turn-key initiative or opportunity without disrupting your main business operations, you seek a credible partner with the expertise, gravitas and industry network and experience that has consistently delivered to promise.